Learning the Actions Available in Blackjack

When you are learning to play Blackjack in an online casino there are four actions that you can take. Each one has a purpose and can be good or bad depending on what your cards are. The actions that you will learn are hitting, standing, doubling down, and splitting.

Hitting, or taking a hit, is where you will get another card. You can hit as many times as you would like however you do not want to go over 21. You will want to hit if you are below 16 in most cases.

Standing is an action that symbolizes that you are done acting and are waiting to see if you win or not. Usually standing is done if you have two good cards to start, you hit blackjack, or you draw a card and are satisfied with where you stand.

A third action that you can take is doubling down. After you receive your first two cards you can double down which will allow you to double your bet. In some of the best online casinos you can only tebak dadu double down a certain number of times. However if you double down you will want to do it only in favorable situations and you will want to do it for the maximum.

Finally there is splitting. If you are dealt a pair of cards you will have the option to split them into two hands. Splitting will cost you a second bet equal to the original bet you made (you have 2 bets which is 1 for each hand). Each hand that you get will be played separately. After you split you will play the first hand until you bust or you stand and then you will play the second hand. Knowing when to split and double down can improve your chances of winning at Blackjack at an online casino.