Learn to Play Songs on Guitar That Seem Too Hard

I’ve been playing guitar for a year or 5 now and I’ve always made progress but suddenly I’m stuck. I can’t get any better even though I still have to improve. Does that sound anything like you?
Well in reality every guitarist goes through a phase where he stops improving if he doesn’t always challenge himself. If you stop making progress you have to start learning to play harder songs, focus on specific goals and improve little bits at a time. This will get you going again and hopefully work out for you.

Let’s say want to learn to play a song but you can’t alternative between strings fast enough to play the main riff. First thing you do is to say it’s too hard and you skip off to ultimate-guitar to find another song to play. NEVER do that unless the whole song seems like too much of a challenge. If you can play at least one part, even if it’s sloppy to begin with just go with it and learn to play the song.

But it seems so impossible. That’s the whole point, you’re going to learn to play this impossible song.
Here’s how:
Break the song up into small parts, even if you only learn to play half a bar at a time you’re improving. Learn to play the small pieces, and just add on to them after you learn to play the next piece. Breaking something up shows you how simple it really is to play a song.

Start off slow. If you start by playing the notes out slowly it’ll make things much less confusing and get you going. Even if you learn to play the whole song slowly, you’re building a foundation to build on later. Once you know some parts, play them faster. The more you play them, the faster you’ll be able to go.

Starting off slow is the MOST IMPORTANT to do if you want to improve quickly. Sure that sounds stupid. Not if you look at it this way though, you might take long to learn to play this song, but once you can play it at full speed other songs of the same difficulty will be in your league.