Jonas Brothers Tickets – Enjoy A Night Of Family Fun Now!

It has been a long time – if ever – that we have seen a young band as pure and innocent as the Jonas Brothers. They are not only passionate about what they do – sing and play music – but about their beliefs and how they are being raised; all of which comes out clearly in their performances and songs. They are still called “another American boy band”, but typically by those who have not followed their performances or success. Their talent and passion have driven them quickly to the top, which will continue to take them to unbelievable places.

The name of the band is exactly who they are – they are three young brothers in the Jonas family. Kevin, the eldest, took the lead and initiative in getting this band together and he plays lead guitar. Joseph is the middle child, is the lead vocalist, and had always aspired to be a comedian not a musician. Nicholas – the youngest – followed his brothers and does an impeccable job with rhythm.
Today it may appear as if the Jonas Brothers have been around for years, but this is not true. It wasn’t until 2005 when Columbia executives noticed a song written by Nick Jonas and his father – this is the song that got the band noticed. After signing with Columbia, the Jonas Brothers released their first album – “It’s About Time” – in 2006. Many talented people worked on this album to make it what it was; Desmond child of Aerosmith and Billy Mann of Destiny’s Child were just two of them.

Shortly, Hollywood Records signed a contract, with the band, for the release of their second album. The entire album was great, but there were two key songs here – “Kids of the Future” and “I Wanna be Like You”. Both of these songs got the band recognized, and things started to change.

It was their third album that changed their lives! Songs like “”Burnin’ Up”, “Pushin’ Me Away”, “Tonight”, and “A Little Bit Longer” were number one hits on iTunes – and other places – for long stretch of time. After the release of this third album, ticket sales began to increase immensely. This was a turning point for the Jonas Brothers and there was no turning back – they are on their way to stardom!

The Jonas Brothers make appearances – yes while on tour – but in other venues as well. They have been known to make guest appearances on many Disney shows like “Hannah Montana”. The Jonas Brothers also appeared on Disney’s original movie “Camp Rock”. They didn’t play as themselves, in the movie, but they did play as a band of three who were sent off to music camp for the summer.

The band has already received numerous awards for their accomplishments. Some of these awards include “Breakthrough Artist” from the American Music Awards, “New Act” from MTV Europe Music Awards, and “Favorite Music Group” from Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Awards. In 2008, the Jonas Brothers were even nominated for a Grammy for “Best New Artist”!

These boys are marking their territory quickly and making a great name for themselves. They are fully supported, and managed, by their parents – all of which helps to make them one of the greatest family bands in a long time. Their fans, after only a few years, are loyal and will continue to support them for years to come. Get tickets now and take the opportunity to experience pure bliss while watching the Jonas Brothers perform!